Jason And The Argonauts Analysis

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Speech Notes on Jason and the Argonauts (Film as Directed by Don,C,1963).s
This movie originates from the Greek mythology of Jason and the Argonauts where there are only a few changes in the occurrences in the myth and the movie. The movie has retained most of the characters and the sequences of the events. In the movie Jason and the Argonauts , we see Jason escaping death by a whisker due to the influence of the god Hermes disguising himself as a soothsayer who uses Aristo's soldiers to take the child Jason away. Aristo who is Jason's father is killed by Pelias who misinterprets a prophecy that was given to him by the god Zeus and usurps the throne of Thessaly (Cross, 2000, P.1). Pelias also kills one of Jason sisters Briseis as she seeks protection from in the temple of the goddess Hera during his revolt. The murder of Jason's sister angers the goddess since the killing takes place inside her temple profaning it and therefore takes the responsibility of protecting Jason. The goddess goes ahead and warns Pelias to beware of a man who would come carrying only one sandal.
Initiation of the Hero
As fate would
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Phineas gives Jason an amulet which he throws in the water to avoid being crushed by two cliffs that were known to destroy any ship that was to cross there (Cross, 2000, p.1). They rescue a survivor from a ship destroyed just before they get there who turns out to be Medea, the high priestess of Colchis. Acastus, the son of Pelias, challenges Jason authority and fights with him but escapes by diving into the sea and survives to warn Arêtes the king of Colchis that Jason was after the Golden Fleece. The Argonauts are immediately imprisoned when they get three, but Medea who has fallen in love with Jason helps him

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