Japanese Food : The Best Food Essay example

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Japanese Food: The Best Food in The World

There are many delicious types of cuisine throughout the world. European food, ranging from England and Ireland to Spain and Germany, has its many charms. It has flavor and depth and focuses on meat and stew dishes. American food is also incredibly diverse, gathering its roots from around the world; it combines flavors and techniques from many cultures to create new and exciting dishes. However, nothing compares to the fully developed and perfected dishes from Japan. Japanese food has such a rich history full of complex flavor; it is almost therapeutic because of the simplistic, easy to follow recipes. Japanese cuisine outdoes all of its competition and reigns supreme as the best food in the world.
To fully understand Japanese food, it’s important to know more about its history. Japan has had inhabitants since the prehistoric times, but the tradition of serving rice with vegetables and fish dishes was only developed about 2000 years ago according to the website Web-Japan. In the sixth century Japan was introduced to buddhism and quickly outlawed the consumption of animal flesh. This is around the period of time that fish had an incredible impact on Japanese food. Meat eating wasn’t reintroduced until the nineteenth century along with the process of frying meat and vegetables in batter and oil(known as tempura). Over the last century or so Japanese culture received western influence, but remained mostly unchanged, only adapting to…

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