Jap A Dominant Country Conducting Whaling Practices Essay

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I. Introduction:
For many decades, Japan is well-known as a dominant country conducting whaling practices for many purposes such as obtaining whale meat and oil (Facts-about-Japan, n.d.). Whaling has been one of the most important industry in Japan since the WW II post-war that provides huge amount of protein and helps fed Japanese citizens (Animal Planet, n.d.). It is believed that the coastal villages were where hunting whales was first claimed to take place in-shore with hand-thrown harpoons, but it was not the main interest of many people (Whalingmuseum, n.d.). It was not until the 17th century that whaling industry had a dramatic development due to an invention of hunting in groups of boats using net technique (Facts-about-Japan, n.d.). Since then, Japanese whaling industry had been boosting year-on-year because of the introduction of new hunting techniques such as vessels, guns learnt from other countries. Because of a massive number of whales have been slaughtered, Japan have been facing many preventions from anti-whaling organizations. In 1986, the International Whaling Commission voted for a moratorium on commercial whaling that pressured the Japanese whaling industry to stop (Facts-about-Japan, n.d.). However, Japanese whalers soon started whaling again under the so-called “scientific research”, which later encountered resistance from other countries like New Zealand, Australia, the US, and so on (Facts-about-Japan, n.d.). In fact, commercial whaling had been…

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