Janie, The Failure In Life

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Janie, the failure in life Janie ‘s personality and inefficient way of solving problems typically scarred her own relationships making her a failure in life. Throughout all her marriages, she could be seen as the destructor of all her marriages. Even though in the end she did eventually found her voice, her voice though only last for two years which could have been 23 years if she worked her way with either Logan Killicks or Jody Starks. Janie’s visionary of a perfect marriage is very unrealistic, because no one is perfect. Her failure is that she just left and went on to the next men she can find, rather than fixing and saving those flaws. Janie ‘s other shortcoming is that she doesn’t put communication as an option when there …show more content…
Through her entire life, she lives behind his shadow. What’s funny was that no matter what Jody did to her she never spoke back but when Logan simply ask her too help him, she was ticked off. Janie is simply under his control. He decides who he want her to be bossing her all around and slapping her when she makes a mistake. She has no voice or action making her an easy target for him to belittle her “talking about her age all the time.” (Hurston77). And in front of the porch sitters, he began mocking her multiple times including “You ain’t no young pullet no mor’” (Hurston77) when Jody was getting out of shape. Furthermore, Janie is not allowed to join the fun with other folks simply just because “de mayor’s wife is somethin’ different again...you ain’t goin’ off in all dat mess uh commonness." (Hurston 60). Joe did not marry Janie for love, he marries her for dominance. Janie is not a wife to Joe but rather a trophy signifying power and success. Janie’s failure in this relationship results from lack of communication as well. Early on in the mariage, she should have stand up for her own voice to warn Jody to stop and set up a borderline for him not cross. Instead, she let “the years took all fight out of Janie’s face” (Hurston 76) and …show more content…
Tecake has a bad habit of gambling which make Janie “thinking and fearing all sorts of danger.” (Hurston 125) However, Teacake is someone who Janie trusts and accepts. He is also very responsible. He believes that there’s “no need no assistance tuh help me feed mah woman. From now on, you gointuh eat whutever mah money can buy uh and wear de same." (Hurston 128) All of Janie’s visionary came true happens because Janie began to learn that communication is very important. Overtime, they began to understand one another. Janie from that point on is willing to sacrifce “Janie got ready to pick beans along with Tea Cake...then Tea Cake would help get supper afterwards.’ (Hurston 133) and work for the best of themselves. Furthermore, she learns to deal with problems like when she caught Nunkie flirting with Teacake in the field and express her own voice “treating Mrs.Turner cold whenever she came arounf here” (Hurston 144) to protect her husband which formed a bond between herself and Teacake. And as we can see, if Janie treat Logan or Jody like what she did with teacake her life would be much more

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