Jane Lessing 's Article On The Human Psyche And The Innate Group Behavior

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Doris Lessing’s persuasive piece called Group Minds, touches on the innate group behavior seen in humans. She first goes into depth about how, even more so those involved in Western society, humans as a whole tend to prefer being in a group over being alone. She emphasizes that, ironically, despite the claim to individuality we stick to groups. To emphasize this point, she points out the contradictory ideas, and backs up her statement by explaining studies on the human psyche in groups. Then, towards the end, she begins to express that humanity should inform themself of their group like mentality, if they truly want to make peer pressure stop being effective. While it’s not illogical to believe that humans are group creatures, and that it’s ironic for people who stand under the flag of freedom to still conform, it’s hard to truly prove that argument with Lessing’s article. Lessing’s article is hard to credit because of oversimplification of an entire culture, an unclear purpose for the article being writ and so her terms aren’t founded by much, as well as the fact that some of her evidence is too vague to truly count. Lessing opens with the fact that all Westerners are obedient, then, repeatedly, tries to concede with ‘some people do prefer being alone.’ She goes from stating it’s a fact that humans are group animals, and then directly counters that in the very next sentence, by saying there are few who do truly enjoy the solitary life-style. This in itself is directly…

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