Jane Goodall On Chimpanzees

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When Jane Goodall was two years old, she received toy chimpanzee from her mother which she still has. She was a good student, but she also liked to spend time outside learning about animals. She spent five hours in a hen-house so she could see how a hen lays an egg. She observed native birds and animals, making extensive notes and sketches. By the time she was ten or eleven, she dreamed of living with animals in Africa.() Since she was young, she loved animals, so she decided to go Africa to do research on chimpanzees. As the primatologist, she is the most well-known person compared to other primatologists. However, She was criticized for giving her study animals names and personalities. Also, Some scientists suspected her that she might teach …show more content…
To support this claim, she used a method which was never used and tried before. Goodall used a method called "banana club” which is a daily systematic feeding method she used to gain trust and to obtain more information about everyday chimpanzee's behavior.() Goodall could get much closer with chimpanzees by using this method. She also imitated chimpanzee behavior such as spending time in trees and eating chimpanzees’ foods to get closer faster. After two years of spending time with chimpanzees, chimpanzees did not afraid of Goodall, and they sometimes look for Goodall to get bananas. Her cautious behavior and observation did not frighten chimpanzees, so she could successfully observe chimpanzees without any problem. While living with chimpanzees, she observed many fascinating behaviors. By using this method, she was acknowledged by people in the same field of science. After this method is announced to the public, they are impressed by her method of observation which is very innovative. In brief, she becomes well-known primatologist in the …show more content…
To support this statement, she currently works as UN Peace Messenger to solve a national environmental issue. Goodall is the first primatologist who becomes as UN Peace Messenger. Goodall travels all over the world to inspire hope to people through her speech. She advocates that people should protect their world to make it a better place. Moreover, Goodall found her Institution to promote understanding and protection of great apes and their habitat and to build on the legacy of Jane Goodall to inspire individual action by young people of all ages to help animals, other people and to protect the world we all share (Jane Goodall Institute, 2017).” Compare to the other primatologists, Goodall is very active. For example, there is no news about primatologist except Goodall who appears on the news sometimes. Her current news is about "EXPLORING EVOLUTION AND SPIRITUALITY IN CHIMPANZEES AND HUMANS". “She still returns every year to enjoy the company of the chimpanzees that made her the internationally recognized activist so loved and deeply respected.” Therefore, Goodall is very well- known to people through her speech and activity.
Although some scientists have censured her research, Goodall is one of the most admitted primatologists. She used remarkable methods to observe chimpanzees. Moreover, she made groundbreaking discoveries. Furthermore, she is one

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