Legalization Of Prostitution Case Study

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Jane Dowe was a girl from Lorain County-suburb in Ohio who became addicted to heroin and forced into prostitution because of car accident when she was 14. In the accident her arm was shattered and she had six surgeries to fix it. She spent two weeks on morphine. Due to her pain, the hospital prescribed pain killers. She would take the pills until she needed a refill. When the prescription ended, she turned to the streets to support her addiction. When she could no longer afford the pills, she turned to heroin because it was cheaper. She would buy it from Mack, a known drug dealer in the area. He would pick her up from her house and bring her somewhere else to supply her with the drugs. When she did not have enough money Mack would let her …show more content…
Prostitution in the Netherlands is legal and regulated. Operating a brothel is also legal. In the beginning of the nineteenth century the armies of Napoleon started to regulate prostitution in the Netherlands (in 1810) to protect soldiers against venereal diseases. Prostitutes were forced to register and were subjected to mandatory medical examinations. When the Dutch government legalized prostitution on October 1, 2000, it was to protect the women by giving them work permits, but authorities fear that this now business is out of control: "We 've realized this is no longer about small-scale entrepreneurs, but that big crime organizations are involved here in trafficking women, drugs, killings and other criminal activities", said Job Cohen, the former mayor of Amsterdam. (The Effectiveness of the Legalization of Prostitution in the Netherlands) In Thailand prostitution is illegal, although in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated. Prostitution is practiced openly throughout the country. Local officials with commercial interests in prostitution often protect the practice, creating laws that state that any person who procures, seduces or takes away any person for the prostitution of such person, even with her or his consent and irrespective of whether the various acts which constitute an offense are committed within or outside the Kingdom, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of one to ten years and to a fine of twenty thousand to two hundred thousand

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