James Watt Essay

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Born in 1736 in Greenock, Scotland James Watt was a child who from the start enjoyed mathematics and was a good craftsman. His father owned a ship building business and taught And trained James watt in the arts of carpentry and building. Through this training and working with his father James watt knew he wanted to become an instrument maker. Watt wanted to follow his ambitions and passion but Greenock had no opportunities for him. James watt then in 1754 decides to go to Glasgow, Scotland in hope of finding more opportunities. Once there James watt met a university scientist Robert Dick. Robert dick saw something in watt but knew that watt needed some more training to become great. Robert dick encouraged watt to go to London for …show more content…
Once Watt discover that his idea would work he couldn't think of anything else but the engine. Watts university friends introduced him to John Roebuck,a industrialist who would help watt pay debts and he encouraged Watt to keep working on the engine. Roebuck also introduced Watt indirectly to Matthew Boulton who would later become the perfect partner for Watt. Boulton acquired Roebucks rights to the engine in 1773o. Four years after that Watt discovered the separate condenser. Watt worked long and hard but it payed off. The new engine used 1/4 of the steam the Newcomen engine used. In June 1781 Boulton realized that the device could do much more, he wrote to watt about it. Watt answered this and from this watt developed his next greatest invention the method to convert reciprocating motion of the piston to rotating motion. This would be yet another major improvement. Though Watt was not done yet he had another great improvement on this engine. He devised a mechanism to Match the rocking motion of the beam this is known as "parallel motion" watt made many improvements to the Newcomen engine and his steam engine was revolutionary. His engine helped improve many things and made jobs easier. James watt in my opinion made a positive impact on the world because without his improvements how would technology be or how would engines be now, without watt things would take more time. In conclusion watt made a positive impact on the world and his engine helped many things

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