Essay about Jacob Lansleth 's Life And Life

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Jacob Lansleth was an eight year old german boy. He was born one snowy night in December and lived with his two parents, Priscilla and Diego, and his twin brother Andrew. Priscilla and Diego were the talk of their small town Klinesville. Everyone loved Priscilla and Diego. They were very charismatic and cared for anyone who was in need. Andrew was a leader in his youth group and the captain of the football team. The Lansleth family appeared to have everything together, but little did others know that behind their little white picket fence, it was Hell. When Priscilla and Diego found out they were expecting they were thrilled. The doctors told them they were expecting one healthy baby boy. Diego was thrilled and imagined the baby boy taking over his business and carrying on their last name. As the baby’s due date came closer the doctors noticed something rather odd. Priscilla was carrying another baby, but baby number two was struggling to get the nutrients it needed. The doctor quickly rushed Priscilla to the operating room to deliver the babies. Two hours later the babies were born. Andrew was big and healthy but little baby Jacob was fighting for his life weighing a little under two pounds. Priscilla and Diego didn’t want to save Jacob. They claimed it was a waste of time and money to save him and said they already had a perfect and healthy baby who can carry on their legacy. After a lot of thought and consideration Priscilla and Diego decided to save Jacob because it…

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