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Register to read the introduction… If it were to be developed into a science to customize babies, it is clear the lower and middle classes wouldn’t have the same opportunity to ‘choose’ their children to the extent that the rich and famous would get to have. Especially because in America there is already a great enough divided between the rich and the poor and using IVF to design children wouldn’t help make it any better. I would imagine that some traits would be deemed more precious then others, therefore most likely far more expensive than others providing a new type of social divide between human. With the media as out of control as it is already in present time, our society has already set up the “rules” of beauty and a desirable lifestyle. Realistically, humans cant and don’t live up to our standards for perfection, because a perfect human doesn’t actually exist. With this already a problem, IVF becoming too strong and useful will lead to humans greedily and carelessly looking for perfection. Certain traits will be deemed more precious, therefore more expensive than others. The beautiful, rare characteristic will rise to the top of the social hierarchies, and those with less desired traits will be oppressed to the bottom of the pyramid. And like mentioned earlier, humans cant be perfect even though we as a whole have accepted that concept. Those with good genes are lucky in that they are immediately ‘better than everyone else’ by natural means, while others are lesser creatures. If this is influenced or enhanced any further, the concept of beauty will get completely out of hand and divide humans even more. Plus we could just undermined people who have great potential to contribute greatly to society. The concept of manipulating genes for these reasons need to stick to saving lives of children, not to be an alternative way to separate the great from the lesser and …show more content…
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