Essay Itunes Music ( Apple ) Store Entered Into The Music Market

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ITunes music (Apple) store entered into the music market in 2003. However, prior to Apple 's entry into the digital world of music, the industry was fighting this new wave of music getting released to customers. However, with Apple 's release of its iPod digital-media player (2001) and adding the iTunes Store in 2003, they became the gatekeeper of digital downloads. Consequently, they promptly became supreme inside this new swim lane of the music industry. The key player that allow this was the iPod, MP3 players, and Apple 's own iTunes software which all interfaced, thus making them one of the industry most popular amongst technology favorites and consumers. However, the music companies did not take too kindly to this, they were at odds with Apple and its iTunes music store. The heavyweights of the music industry cried out, saying Apple was fouled and yelled infringement and pricing violations. Now, the reason was that Apple had brought a new way to purchase music and overpriced CDs were rapidly becoming ancient with this new arrival in the market to consumers. Clearly Apple recognizes the need for this technology because the music was being illegally shared through service such as peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Therefore, acknowledging that music was being compressed, new techniques were being developed to take a bit out of this sharing by those with an interest in earning a profit. Yes, Apple was changing the delivery of music, but the dilemma for the industry and…

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