Itm 436 Operations Mgmt and Operations Sys. Essay

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The Root Beer Game Simulation

John Doe
TUI University
ITM 436 Operations Mgmt and Operations Sys.
John Doe, Ph.D.

What I learn about supply chain management during this tutorial? Successful supply chain management is significant to the survival of today’s business. To review supply chain strategies and evaluate proposed changes that impact the business as a hole, supply chain managers should be able to assertively predict their network’s performance under a range of conditions. This apparently impossible task has urged a search for better software to help decision makers analyze the design and operation of their supply chain. Computer simulations have become the tool of choice. Since simulation capture real world system
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As I mention before successful supply chain management is significant to the survival of any business. Now it is clear to me that companies who practice good supply chain management experience significant cost and cycle time reductions.
Web-based training offer a lot of benefits, among them: Access is available anytime, anywhere, around the globe. Students can always access libraries used for the training and information whether they are working from home, in the office, or from a hotel room. Equipment costs for students are affordable. Nearly every computer today equipped with a modem and free browser software can access the Internet. The cost of setup is fairly low.
On the other hand Web-based Learning has its limitations; there are only two real disadvantages to WBT, and both will be overcome in the next five to ten years as high bandwidth network connections become as common as telephones. The first disadvantage, when compared to live instruction is the lack of human contact, which seriously impacts learning. Students can use the internet to e-mail other students, place comments on message boards, or use chat rooms and videoconference links to communicate. With better speed connections and enhanced conferencing software, one day students from every where will be able to communicate in real time with each other through full-screen video.
In conclusion it is clear that

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