Item Name Why Daniel Needs This Item In His Computer Specification

The purpose of an operating system is to run applications, such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint, adobe flash and Firefox browser.
It manages devices by detecting if they are not working and telling you to remove the device and replace it with a new deice.
It manages the processor by making sure that each application and process receives enough of the processors time.
The operating system manages files by allowing you to save files and to allow you to make the files. It also allows you to sort them into folders.
It protects the device that is attached to the computer such as mice, keyboards, printers, scanners and fax machines.
It connects to the network so that you can go on to the internet.
It shares resources, so that you can share resources
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It makes sure that it can handle all of the data being stored on it. It then makes the hard disk visible to an operating system. The third step is to then make a new file system, that can be used to store the data on the hard disk.

Task 4
Task 4
Item name Why Daniel needs this item in his computer specification? Description, photo, price How will this item meet his needs?
I5 quad core processor Daniel needs this item because it is the minimum size of processor that can run all of the games that Daniel wants to play on his computer. The i5 quad core processor has 6MB of memory. The speed is 3.5GHz. It is dual core. The price of it is £161.50. This processor will meet Daniel’s needs because it can run the games that he wants to play and it can run the software that he needs for his computer course. G.Skill AEGIS 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1333 Memory

Daniel needs this RAM because he needs enough storage space to hold all of his programs for the computer course that he is doing and for the games that he is going to be playing. This RAM has 8GB of memory which is the least that Daniel needs to run everything that he needs and wants. It has a memory speed of 1600MHz. The price for the RAM is
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This hard disk has 5400RPM. It has 320GB capacity, 8GB of cache. The disk size is 2.5”. The drive interface is SATA 3Gb/s. It is an internal hard disk. It costs £35.65

This hard disk will meet Daniel’s needs because it has enough storage capacity for everything that he needs on his computer. It allows him to include on his computer, any programs that he wants.
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit Daniel needs this because it is the operating system that is required for most of the games that he wants to play on his computer. It is good for Daniel because it is easy to set up and does not take long to set up. Connecting to the internet is fast and easy. It is good for games and watching videos. The windows 7 operating system allows you to customize your OS to the way you like it. It is easier than ever to set up a home network and connection to printers and other devices. It is faster than windows xp. It is good for watching movies and TV shows on it.
The price of the operating system is £69.99 The windows 7 operating system meets Daniel’s needs because he wants an operating system that can support the software that he needs for his computer course and for his gaming. This will accommodate for both of those

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