It 's About Playing Records By Joseph Schloss Essay

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In his book, Making Beats, specifically the chapter titled “It’s about Playing Records”; Joseph Schloss attempts to discuss the relationship between deejays and producers, and the connection between individuals and collective hip-hop identity. He argues that academics who write about hip-hop, only center on the economic, political, and social concerns in its making, instead of the individuals behind the creative process (Schloss 2004). The main subjects of this chapter are how deejaying relates to sampling, how individuals shape the aesthetic quality of hip-hop and how women fit into a masculine profession. In his efforts to persuade the reader of the importance of speaking about the preferences/tastes of the individuals who helped to create hip hop, he fails to mention how these individuals’ social and economic circumstances may have influenced those very tastes. While Schloss makes a convincing argument against popular assumptions about hip-hop by using first-hand quotes and accessible language; he uses an unsound argument when he compares hip-hop to other forms of music and speaks about the role of women in production.
The author argues against the popular opinion that hip hop developed out of certain socioeconomic conditions. These opinions, held by many in academia, ignore the individual contributions of various people involved in hip-hop’s making. In order to make this argument, he must assume that everyone was interested in showcasing their aesthetic taste as opposed…

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