Hip-Hop Revolution Rap By Jeffrey Ogbar Summary

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Book Review The book called Hip-Hop Revolution The Culture and Politics of Rap by Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar was a very informative, historical source for learning about the background of how hip hop came to be. Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar is an associate professor of history and director of the institute for African American Studies at the University of Connecticut. With his skills, Jeffrey Ogbar writes a book that examines genders in hip hop, authenticity of hip hop, and races that had an influence on hip hop. The book goes into the historical side of things and it gives the reader words like minstrel, jezebel, Nigger Heaven, Black Power Movement, Black Panther Party, and many more. While reading this book I was surprised of how some of the artists that I know today had an …show more content…
Some of the artists that I knew that surprised me was Ice Cube, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Pit Bull. Jeffrey Ogbar gives the reader really good historical context and I learned many things that I did not know before. I would recommend this book to people who are actually interested in hip hop and the history behind it because Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar addresses a lot of aspects of hip hop history and he expands upon it, making the reader want to know more. The book starts with the negative stereotypes of the African Americans. The minstrels depicted African Americans as children and diseased, underscoring the importance of race to the meaning of democracy in America. Hip hop’s earliest development was shaped by the Black Power Movement and during this era, blacks initiated lots of cultural production that rejected minstrel-like-figures. African Americans used hip hop as to go against the bad

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