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Fiction Corporation is a large national retail chain of 10,000 employees and 500 retail outlets. Fiction is moving its primary data center operation to a new headquarters building several miles away. The company wishes to upgrade its network and correct any security flaws in its infrastructure as part of this move. The Fiction CEO has a capital budget of $500,000 and must not interrupt business operations. The fiction corporation has hired Big-Proj for completion of this network migration project without exceeding the budget of $500,000. The Project life cycle has been signed for 30 days. Big-Proj typically handles these types of moves as part of its normal operations; along with network upgrades, and ERP deployments. The
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Network Migration programs nearly always operate within these constraints and the defined migration strategy must consider and address them. The Project Planning Phase is the second phase in the project life cycle. It involves creating of a set of plans to help guide the project team through the execution and closure phases of the project. The plans created during this phase will help to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues. They will also help manage staff and external suppliers, to ensure that the team delivers the project on time and within budget. Project management plan – “a formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled. It may be summary or detailed and may be composed of one or more subsidiary management plans and other planning documents.” (PMBOK® Guide)
The firm has allocated $500,000 for this project. The majority of costs for this project will be both internal resources and external resources providing the expertise needed complete the green computing solutions effectively.

The following guidelines are the most critical phases of a network migration project:
Step 1: Form a multi-disciplinary project team with key advisors
The multi-disciplinary team should include members from IT operations, applications, data network operations, facilities and real estate specialists and human resources.
Step 2: Develop a comprehensive

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