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The focus should have been on finding a leader who believed in the vision that was originally presented by Dryer and Roberts.

The project clearly lacked leadership which was present in the initial meeting between Martin and Sparks. Successful CPOE implementation also requires a supportive culture (Tran-tan, 2011). Sparks did not seem to have time for the project which he shifted the workload onto Martin and the ability to collaborate did not exist after that meeting. Tough project decisions may

get made in a way that shows the leaders are not as serious as their rhetoric, because when push came to shove, they caved in (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). There should have been an outlet that would have allowed Martin the ability to defend her analysis such as access to Barbara Lu.

The beginning of the end was in place as the negative experience created a total shutdown in communication between upper management and the project leader. As a result, any trust established early on has eroded and the complexity of the implementation just got more complex. Without communication the project was operating in the dark as other team members were unaware of the issues. Creating and managing conflict from within is a challenge but also a necessity to defend one’s own ideas or suggestions which in return can help clarify any misunderstandings and establish trust. Along with a breakdown in communication was the aggressive timeline that the project was to
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