Basc-2 Erp Case Study

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Behavior Assessment System for Children, 2nd Edition - Self-Report of Personality (BASC-2 SRP) and Parent Form (BASC-2 PRS)
The BASC-2 SRP is designed to measure the adaptive (positive) and clinical (negative) behaviors of a youth at home, in school, and within the community from his/her perspective (Reynolds & Kamphaus, 1998). This examiner administered the BASC-2 SRP to Christine in order to determine whether she was experiencing difficulties within the domains defined and assessed by this measure to be considered within the provision of therapeutic services.
According to scores on the Validity Indices of the BASC-2 SRP, Christine did not exaggerate existing symptomatology, she did not randomly respond to questions, or
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It includes five face valid scales: Face Valid Alcohol, Face Valid Other Drugs, Family-Friends Risk, Attitudes, and Symptoms. It also includes five subtle scales: Obvious Attributes, Subtle Attributes, Defensiveness, Supplemental Addiction Measure, and Correctional. According to Christine’s profile, she attended appropriately to the items and did not appear to randomly respond to the SASSI-3 protocol. Based upon her scores on this measure, overall SASSI-3 profile suggests a low probability of Christine meeting diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder at this …show more content…
Christine’s scores on the AARS were consistent with a Very High level of Total Anger, on the Instrumental Anger, Reactive Anger and Anger Control all fell within the Average level range. Collectively, her results suggest Christine reported experiencing problematic levels of anger overall and possessing a less than adequate ability to control her anger.

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