It Follows: Why Doesn T Jay Like Paul?

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In the horror movie It Follows, Jay is a teenage girl who has sex with her new boyfriend, Hugh, in his car on one of their dates. But, then she is comatose by him and wakes up to find that she will be pursued by a demon, whose appearance can be any person, and only she can see that demon. And if she is caught by that demon, it will kill her and then back to pursue the previous person who passes this curse. After that, he drives the terrifying Jay home and flees. The next day, Jay starts to see people, who are invisible to others. Her sister and her friends Paul and Yara decided to stay the night at her house. Later that night, she saw a half-naked woman and a creepy tall man, who scare her to death and make her escape the house.
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List some reasons, and then try and explain why she finally consents to sleep with him at the end of the film? I don 't think Jay doesn 't like Paul. Instead, I deem that they have had some kind of romantic relationship in the past through their conversation of a Nostalgia of their past. Moreover, Jay rejects having sex with Paul because she knows she still has the curse with her and does not want to put Paul in danger by passing on the demon to him. However, at the end, she finally consents to sleep with him due to that, she thinks the demon has already been killed by them and She will no longer pass the curse to …show more content…
Nevertheless, it is not a possible solution for Jay. In the movie It Follows, Jay is only a teens girl, living in a small town in Detroit. How can she get money for the plane ticket and living expenses outside the country. And even she can ask her parents for the money, I still do not think her parents will agree her moving out of the country simply for the reason that there is a demon chasing after her. Furthermore, even if she successfully moves out of the country, she still can live her life in dread and worry about the demon eventually find a way to come back and chase her. In the meantime, let 's face the fact that, the demon can still stalk Jay to the

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