It Doesn't Take a Hero Essay

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It Doesn’t Take a Hero
Senior Seminar in Management
Professor Jeffrey Cothman
February 21, 2008

It Doesn’t Take a Hero
In this book titled “It Doesn’t Take a Hero” (H. Norman Schwarzkopf), General H. Norman Schwarzkopf reveals his remarkable life and career. He begins his autobiography by describing his childhood and how he eventually became a leader in the U.S. Army. This type of autobiography demonstrates how a leader is developed and what is needed in order to succeed in a career as well as how to lead a life by following a motto instated by his past leaders and followers. The autobiography goes through some background and detailed first hand experiences that makes a leader think twice of why he in the situation he is in. With
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He realized that in his real company not everyone was as hard core as him, and that not everyone was as committed as he was. He noticed that it was difficult to work with certain individuals and that it would be difficult to change certain work habits. The people above him did not care and he had to carry the load for other leaders. There were times when he wanted to transfer and even possibly quit. Eventually headquarters found out that he was the one doing the commander’s work and was awarded a transfer. He remained focused and knew his mission. He wanted to be a successful leader and he knew that if he put his mind to it he would accomplish it. He learned a lot from his first years in the service. During this time his father passed away and he never had the chance to say good bye. “My father was a selfless public servant, a true patriot, a man of honor, and a loving father.” (Schwarzkopf, 1992)
Throughout his military career he began to advance in rank and was in charge of many men in many different divisions. Later on he was exposed to battles in Vietnam and he can still hear the mortar rounds that used to land around him and his troops. Many paratroopers had died and many more seriously wounded. By now he was the captain of the platoon and his troops depended upon his actions. He was awarded two Silver Stars and three Bronze Stars, fought in seven major operations, and survived being shot up once and afflicted by tropical

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