It- 3rd Year Essay

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E-COMMERCE (TIT-501) UNIT I Introduction What is E-Commerce, Forces behind E-Commerce Industry Framework, Brief history of ECommerce, Inter Organizational E-Commerce Intra Organizational E-Commerce, and Consumer to Business Electronic Commerce, Architectural framework Network Infrastructure for E-Commerce Network Infrastructure for E-Commerce, Market forces behind I Way, Component of I way Access Equipment, Global Information Distribution Network, Broad band Telecommunication.

UNIT-II Mobile Commerce Introduction to Mobile Commerce, Mobile Computing Application, Wireless Application Protocols, WAP Technology, Mobile Information Devices, Web Security Introduction to Web security, Firewalls & Transaction Security, Client Server Network,
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Unit-III Implementation, Operation, Evaluation and Maintenance, Structured System Methodologies, Automated systems development, Hardware / Software selection, Systems function management. Business application of Information Technology: Internet & Electronic commerce, internet, extranet & enterprise solutions, information system for business operations, information system for managerial decision support, information system for strategic advantage. Unit-IV Managing Information Technology: Enterprise and global management, security & ethical challenges planning & implementing changes. Unit-V Advanced Concepts In Information Systems: Enterprise resource planning, Supply Chain Management, C.R.M., Procurement Management. References : 1. 0 Brian, "Introduction to Information System", McGraw Hill 2. 0 Brain, "Management Information System", TMH 3. Ashok Kumar Sharma, "Analysis Design & Implementation of Information Systems: A Transition to Objects", 4. Vikas, Alter, "Information System: A management perspectives Addison Wesley 5. Arore & Bhatia, "Information System for Managers", Excel Bansal. "Information System Analysis and Design", New Age Murdick, "Information System for Modem Management", PHI.


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