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IT 244 Entire Course
For more classes visit IT 244 Week 1 Checkpoint SmartScenario Information Security Security Policies IT 244 Week 1 Assignment Introduction to the Information Security Policy Paper IT 244 Week 2 Checkpoint Smart Scenario Trusted Computing Base IT 244 Week 3 Smart Scenario: Business Continuity Disaster Recovery IT 244 Week 3 Assignment Disaster Recovery Plan IT 244 Week 4 ToolwireSmartScenario Cyber Crime IT 244 Week 5 ToolwireSmartScenario Security and Threats IT 244 Week 5 Assignment Physical Security Policy IT 244 Week 6 ToolwireSmartScenario Least Privilege Separation of Duties IT 244 Week 7 Toolwire Smart Scenario: Access Control Cryptography IT 244
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The company's workforce spends all its time working remotely and accessing the corporate network using a secure VPN.
• Company 2: Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia chain with four locations. Each store has been acting independently of one another and has difficulty coordinating customer sales from one store to another based on inventory. Because of poor communications, revenue and customer base have been lost due to jumbled inventory from store to store, decentralized accounting, and no Internet-based commerce. With the successful implementation of a WAN solution, all stores will have the ability to access a centralized database for inventory and dynamically reorder stock based on sales. Each location will tunnel all financial transactions through a central accounting package, eliminating bookkeeping errors, and centralizing the company finances. All transactions and customer inventory browsing will be done through a web interface and custom intranet website. To meet their need for an Internet customer base, web servers will be located in their data center and will tie in to the company’s accounting and transaction servers to provide real-time sales and inventory information to customers.
Complete the Introduction portion of the Information Security Policy. Include the following:
• An overview of the company
• The security goals to be achieved
Refer to the Introduction Template in Appendix C for the

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