Patient Safety Essay

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It’s more than likely that every person has encountered some situation relevant or based on patient safety. Multiple times in a person’s life we have encountered a patient safety situation whether we heard about it on the news by various IOM reports, known a friend or loved one who experienced a medical error, yourself had experienced a medical error, or maybe you were a nurse or doctor who mistakenly made a medical error. The issue with patient safety is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as we speak. Various institutes and centers have been created in hopes of getting more and more people aware of the medical errors happening and also trying to decrease the percentage as much as possible. Medical errors is the third leading cause of death …show more content…
In my opinion, I feel a big factor that contributes to the issue of patient safety is the shortage of nursing. At a lot of hospitals, the low level of nursing staff available causes the current nurses to work long hours. After a certain time period, a nurse shouldn’t be able to work any longer. After a long work shift is where I think a lot of medical errors occur. I don’t believe any error is done on purpose, it’s because the individual nurse is tired and doesn’t realize what he or she is doing. A second factor, in my opinion, would be a personal issue the nurse is going through. “When you feel your best, you do your best. But when something is troubling or hurting you, it’s difficult to set those concerns aside and focus on work.” (Johnson & Johnson, 2015) No nurse is in their right mind to work with a patient’s life when something else that’s serious is on their mind. Drawing us back to our first big factor, because of the shortage of nursing staffs we force these nurses to continue working disregarding the issue. Another issue among patient safety is interaction among co-workers. Poor communication leads to poor patient satisfaction, cost of care, and cause qualified workers to seek new positions elsewhere. One issue leads to another issue and so on. If we can solve the first big

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