Essay on Islamophobi The Largest Skeleton Of America 's Closet

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Islamophobia: The Biggest Skeleton in America’s Closet
Islamophobia is an ever-present phenomenon, spanning American culture everywhere from anonymous Internet message boards, to a racist grandfather’s Facebook profile, to even national news stations. Sadly, this is not a new occurrence. America has held strong anti-Muslim views since its foundation, even going so far as to deny Muslims citizenship (Beydoun). Changing America’s skewed perception about Muslims will stop the media from slandering the Islamic faith, diminish Anti-Muslim sentiment, and lower the staggering rate of hate crimes and other injustices against Muslims in America.
Authors Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg define Islamophobia as “the largely unexamined and deeply ingrained anxiety many Americans experience when considering Islam and Muslim culture” (pg ). Those feelings, unfortunately, are not as recent as the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. Islamophobia has plagued the United States for generations. Following the Muslim faith was basis for American courts to deny citizenship to people up until 1944, as they believed it was an “inherent menace and threat to American life” (Beydoun). After 9/11 however, the United States experienced a massive spike in Islamophobic occurrences. The first anti-Muslim hate crime occurred just three days after the September 11 attacks, and ever since then 14% of all hate crime victims are Muslim (Zielinski). Stereotypically dressed Muslims are increased targets…

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