Islamic Islam And Islamic Fundamentalism Essay

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its hard to imagine to the modern western world the chasm that is between sufi islam and the other two branches of islam sunni and shi’ our christian based lens we have many forms of christianity with a majority peacefully coexisting this is not always true in the case of islam. many mainstream more traditional muslims believe sufi or mystical islam undermines the core tenets of islamic belief. in extreme forms they see sufi as being anti-islamic. however Rather than detract or undermine traditional islam and the Shari’a, the combination of islamic law and islamic mysticism strengthens the islamic concept as a whole by combining the heart and mind of islam as it were to make a complete and fulfilling belief system. this duality can be explained as the shari’a is the guidelines for how a muslim interacts with the material world and the objects within it and sufi is the guidelines for how a muslim interacts with the “other” worlds and how one can find their own individual path while still following traditional islamic law.%(sufi wisdom page 58) all 3 three sects of islam (sunni, shia , and sufi) all believe the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the living embodiment of the Quranic text and thus should be emulated to obtain closeness to god However there have been conflicts as previously mentioned sufism and sufi islam has sometimes developed in disagreement to traditional islamic belief. such as mainstream muslims believing that music interwoven with worship detracts from the…

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