The Pros And Cons Of Religion

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Given the vast choices we have on this assignment, I have struggled to pick just one. Even picking just three is stressing my brain out to the point of just playing “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo”.

A topic that caught my eye rather quickly was the question of if religion causes war. Of course, my opinion is one of strong emotion, but that is for later on. This topic is one that should, though it’s not, be a topic on every world inhabitants mind right now. Today the war ensuing over practices of religion is hitting closer to home than most ever thought possible. Islam has now been turned from a sacred worship to a rallying cry for blood and vengeance. Some choose to remain ignorant and make it all about race while others are able to fully open their
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I believe the sign outside read “Die before you ask a question,”. Once I got older and began making mistakes of my own I started to see that maybe I should be asking questions. What is faith or a blind devotion? How does one commit after only thinking they understand it deeply? For most it’s something you do to prevent an invitation to Hell. Plain, easy, but not deep, not understood. I think most people choose to believe what they are taught out of fear. Many psychologist study the “terror management” theory, the idea that we as humans, when made aware of our inevitable end, try to give meaning to this life we live. I believe that religion is a direct result of this theory. Think about every time you hit rock bottom, did you find meaning in the fall? Most can say yes, yet most only relate that feeling to God and his love. What is the relation if you aren 't religious? Is it one of pure human nature? I believe so. I strongly think most people choose to believe in religion and its practices because if we fail to do so we will go to hell. By following this lifestyle one will be limited to their moments of human nature, and instead of believing in yourself and your own will to learn, we get to give the glory to a higher power and feel as if we have no control over the endeavors we sew. I mean wouldn 't you feel better if you could blindly blame your struggles on “Gods” plan? The reason I find this topic so interesting is because to me it’s so obvious. When one actually tries to understand God they are only faced with unanswered questions; why not just say screw asking questions and let’s just dive right into

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