Essay on Islamic Fundamentalism And Islamic Terrorism

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In December 2015 during a gathering of 1.5 million Sunni Muslims in India, 70,000 Islamic clerics issued a fatwa against terrorists, including Taliban, al-Qaida and Daesh and the fatwa called the groups “not Islamic.” Including the US President Barak Obama, many other world leaders avoided referring Daesh as an Islamic extremism, which has created a huge debate between the Obama administration and the government opposition. President Obama went further and even questioned the religious of Daesh and called them non-Islamic.
So far no major Islamic scholar or countering terrorism expert named or categorized Daesh as one of the four Sunni schools of thoughts. It’s mainly because the group is not fully recognized yet. Daesh also has not associated themselves individually to any school of thoughts. Which further makes their recognition, challenging.
Who knows Daesh?
Daesh is not aligned with any of the known Islamic philosophies. Some Western scholar has linked Daesh to the teaching of Al-Qaida leaders all the way to the Muslim Brotherhood and they some scholar cites Sayyid Qutb of Muslim Brotherhood as a reference. Qutb had an extreme ideology, but he was known as a terrorist at the time. Sayyid Qutb has never claimed to be an Islamic scholar or philosopher; many Muslim accredit scholars have rejected his ideology and writings.
Sayyid Qtub of Muslim Brotherhood, former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and current al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Daesh’s leader Abubakar…

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