Essay on Islam 's Impact On The Islamic Civilization

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The entire world was impacted with the Islamic civilization. Areas of commerce, technology, medicine, navigation, astronomy, and other scientific areas were touched by the hand of new discoveries brought forth by the learning centers of the Islamic world. The Islamic caliphates had an economy that was flourishing due to the established trade routes. The procession of people trading through the region also spawned the development of technologies, ideas, and spread the religion of Islam across many different cultures. The amount of trade and scholarship not only allowed for immense amounts of wealth, but also urbanized the people together in cities, like Baghdad. The prosperity of the “Golden Age” of Islam (750-1050 AD) was caused by the high regard of scholarship, the amount of trade, and the unique urbanization that united the region together through Islam. The basis of the entire Islamic civilization was the religion of Islam itself. Islam was founded by the Prophet Muhammed, who in the seventh century received a revelation that made him believe that he was a messenger sent by Allah to show people the right way to live ("Science and technology in Medieval Islam"). Islam is monotheistic, and its holy book is the Qur’an. All Muslims pray in the direction of the “House of Prayer” located in Mecca within Saudi Arabia, which is the centre of the Islamic religion ("Science and technology in Medieval Islam"). Islam grew quickly due to the trade routes that were established…

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