Essay on Isabel Hampton Robb 's Role Model

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Like many nurses of the 19th century Isabel Hampton Robb was an immigrant to the United States when she began her training as a nurse. Her first formal educational experience was at the New York training school for nurses at Bellevue Hospital (Wolf, 20XX). Isabel Robb was a prime example of a professional woman during her era. Her prestigious role as a teacher and a nurse became very evident early in her career. She was born a leader and role model for those nurses who strived to become effective in implementing change in the nursing profession. Isabel Hampton Robb has been recognized as the single-most versatile visionary nurse of her time. During a generation when women did not even have the right to vote, Isabel Robb helped establish the professionalism of nursing. (Rae, 20XX)
Isabel’s early basic concepts of nursing theorized a set standards for education, ethics, training and a formalized curriculum.(Wolf, 20XX) She devised a progressive course that incorporated clinical experience and classwork. She later organized for her students to become involved with other hospitals for a defined training experience. Isabel authored the first nursing ethics textbook that outlined a vast set of moral standards, This groundbreaking textbook educated nurses with ethically disciplined care. She also created the first code of ethics that was later authored by the American Nursing Association.
Prior to the Robb era credentials were not available to the nurses in the United…

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