Clara Barton

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Even as a young girl Clara Barton strived to make a difference in the lives of those she could. She was always helping whether it be her injured brother or her military Father. She was a person who wanted to demonstrate kindness and help change the world. Nursing was a starting point for her because she saw how much help was needed during and after the war, she dedicated the remainder of her life changing the humanity people and war. Clara Barton impacted the military and its veterans in a positive way through her nursing during the Civil War, the creation of the American Red Cross, and an organization called “Missing Men.”
Clara Barton grew up in a military family, meaning throughout her entire life she saw the struggle of war when the Civil
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While in Europe she came across the International Red Cross and was asked by the founder to get America involved. The U.S. Congress denied Clara Barton, but she went ahead and created her own branch of the Red Cross naming it the American Red Cross (Benge 151). She saw promise in the International Red Cross and wanted to bring it to America to help during and after war healing a country that had been broken. The Red Cross would help the injured and provide supplies causing there to be impacts positive impacts on the humanity of war. In an article by Wooster, it was explained that after Barton established the American Red Cross she would go and allie her organization with the International Red Cross. Together the two branches would help during war, peace and disaster Wooster para. 4). When the two branches joined they were able to help more people because the manpower and supplies were doubled. The effect of establishing an organization that would help countries in not just war but peace was positive all around, there would be a relief organization there to help. When Barton made the decision to create the American Red Cross and join it with the International Red Cross she was opening a door that would relieve the suffering of many and create an organization that still stands today helping in war, peace and …show more content…
In an article by the American Red Cross, it was explained the effects the Red Cross has during war. The article tells about one of the projects they took upon themselves to do, “Red Cross responded to a request by the U.S. government to begin a Blood Donor Service to produce lifesaving plasma for the armed forces in anticipation of America’s entry into the war” (Founder Clara Barton para. 17). Providing blood for all the injuries of war will save the lives of many soldiers. The American Red Cross donated blood to the military impacting the way World War 1 was fought, more soldiers survived their injuries because of the supply of blood. The National Women’s History Museum tells in an article about the effects of the Red Cross. After Barton founded the American Red Cross she dedicated herself and the organization to providing disaster relief, giving vaccines to poor countries, helping the homeless, and providing support during war (National Women’s History Museum para. 9). The American Red Cross is more than an organization for warring periods, they go around offering supplies and volunteers to places that may be in need after a certain disaster or disease giving the people hope. The Red Cross may not seem to be involved in a lot but they help the individual and countries rebuild and move on in all

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