Isaac Newton's Second Law Of Motion

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Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25th, 1642. As Newton grew up he was recognized as a very knowledgeable physicist, mathematician, author and astronomer. He excelled in both math and physics and has been developing theories since his early twenties. Isaac Newton attended a grammar school in Grantham near Lincolnshire, where as during this time Newton became very interested with chemicals.
In 1664 Newton at that time was a student, he read up on work containing optics and light. He was reading the work of English Physicist Robert Boyle and studied up on the math and physics of french scientist and philosopher Rene Descartes. Newton studied the refraction of light by a glass prism.
Over a few years he developed elaborate and
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If two objects are supposed to have the same amount of acceleration , the larger object must be acted on by a larger force , whereas the smaller object must be acted on by a smaller force. The second law of motion applies to the behavior of objects for which all existing

Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion is technically stated as, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Which means that in every interaction, there are forces acting on the two interacting objects. Or in simpler terms, whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally as hard. An real world example of Newton’s 3rd law could be a rocket taking off. The rocket has an action, and that is to push down on the ground with the force of its engines. Then the reaction is the ground pushing the rocket upwards with an equal
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Newton’s laws of motion also apply because the more mass on the roller coaster, the more force it will take the roller coaster to make the cars accelerate at the same rate as an empty car. Newton’s second law states how F=ma, or force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. So when a roller coaster is going down its first large downhill drop, the acceleration due to gravity is acting on it in a downward manner therefore giving it downward force to the coaster.

Thankfully the intelligent Isaac Newton discovered the laws of motion because now we are able to identify why certain things happen in our daily lives. For example because of Newton’s first law if seatbelts in cars are mandatory for car manufacturers to add inside vehicles and for us to wear; because if they weren’t, every time you quickly come to a stop your face would constantly hit the windshield, the dashboard or even the front seat of your car. Because of this discovery the invention of seatbelt heavily decreased the amount of deaths on the roads.

Due to Newton’s Law, we are now aware that when you are skiing, after coming down the slope you still will have speed even on flat land, only until the friction of the skis and the snow together stops

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