Newton's Second Law Of Acceleration Essay

Research: According to Newton 's Second law when force is increased acceleration increases assuming that mass stays constant. a=F/m
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to prove when force increases acceleration also increases. The independent variable is amount of force applied to the Lenny Board and the dependant variable is the acceleration of the Lenny Board. 3 controlled variables are mass, surface of testing, and the Lenny Board (the weight, the amount of grease on the bearings, ECT) itself.
Hypothesis 1: If we increase force on a Lenny Board the acceleration will increase.
Hypothesis 2: Applying 6 newtons of force to a 2.27 kilogram object it will make the object accelerate to 2.64 m/sec2. Then applying 8 newtons of force will accelerate
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This way is increasing or decreasing force. The first trial with 6 newtons accelerated the 2.27 kilogram Lenny Board to 1.04 m/sec2, then on the second trial 8 newtons accelerated the Lenny Board(same mass)to 1.77 m/sec2. Then the final trial with the same mass and 10 newtons accelerated the Lenny Board to 2.30 m/sec2. The slope of my or any speed vs. time graph tells acceleration. This is because speed is on the Y axis and time is on the X axis so you could think of it as speed/time which equals acceleration. All of the speed vs. time graph slopes were different. The one with line with the lowest slope was at 6 Newtons and accelerated the slowest. The middle slope had 8 newtons and it accelerated faster than the 6 newton trail but not as fast as the 10 newton trail. Finally the greatest slope had the fastest acceleration because it had more force than any other trial. Because of the data we collected during the 3 trials I found that the average acceleration was 1.705 m/sec2. Using this I predict that a test with 12 newtons of force the Lenny Board will accelerate to 4.0 m/sec2. Also testing with 14 newtons of force I predict it would accelerate to 5.705 m/sec2. I got both of the predicted times by adding 1.705(the average acceleration for 2 newtons on the Lenny Board is 1.705 m/sec2) to its previous acceleration. I could only do this …show more content…
I also learned that if (not is,typo) is an object is 1 Gigagram I know that to accelerate it to 1m/sec2 I would need to exert 1 meganewton (1000000 newtons) to move that object.(I don’t think the Hulk could move such object 2.205 trillion pounds.) I learned that force is an actual thing that is essential. Before this unit I looked at it like just some things in Star Wars but now I know it to have a whole lot more importance. Force affects us in a lot of different ways. One way is when we are walking the ground pushes back at us the same amount of foce we push at it while walking. If this didn’t happen we would go flying off into space or smash right through the

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