Is There Still Place For Liberal Art Education Essay

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Is there still place for liberal art education in Post-Secondary Education, or should Colleges and Universities concentrate on workforce training majors? “Change is a double-edged sword. Its relentless pace these days runs us off our feet. Yet when things are unsettled, we can find new ways to move ahead and to create breakthroughs not possible in stagnant societies. If you ask people to brainstorm words to describe change, they come up with a mixture of negative and positive terms. On the one side, fear, anxiety, loss, danger, panic; on the other, exhilaration, risk taking, excitement, improvements, energizing. For better or for worse, change arouses emotions, and when emotions intensify, leadership is key (Fullan, 2001).
However, leaders also require the work with the trend when higher education required to meet social phenomenon.

A few years ago, I watched the interview with the president of World Bank, Jim Yong Kim who was named the world’s 50th most powerful person by Forbes magazine in 2013. One of the interview topic was how important the art and humanity studies in college education and concerns about cutting down liberal art funding over supporting work force programs. He stated how art and humanity learning affects to an individual success and exampled one of alumni from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, US where he was the president prior to accept a new position as the president of world bank.
The alumni name is Leon Black who is multibillionaire in…

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