Is Therapist Affect And Psychotherapy Process? Essay

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Are You in the Mood? Therapist Affect and Psychotherapy Process

Literature Review: Chui, Hill, Kline, Kuo, and Mohr (2016) presented a significant

research for the readers since psychotherapy research is one the main research areas in

counseling psychology. In addition, since therapist’s affect in psychotherapy

process is a less researched are make the article more appealing to the readers. Researchers

first sought to take description of therapist-reported state affect at pre-session, change in

therapist state affect from pre- to post-session, and therapist attributions of affect change.

Second aim of the study was to examine factors that add to therapist affective change in

session. Third goal of the study was to investigate how therapist pre-session affect and

change in affect from pre- to post-session relates to client and therapist ratings of session

quality and working alliance. Authors provided a clear and concise justification for the

research questions. They provided literature related to therapist affect in the context of

therapist factors research. They proposed that the variability of therapy process and

outcome unexplained by differences in therapist trait characteristics might be explained by within-therapist variability across time. The authors provided research evidence for therapist emotional wellbeing on therapist effectiveness. They also reported therapist reactions including countertransference, therapist self-awareness and…

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