Is The Oldest Voting System? Essay

1660 Words Feb 24th, 2016 7 Pages
First past the post is the oldest voting system in the world, and at first glance it seems simple, efficient and fair, with the candidate that gets the most votes winning. However, this is far from the truth. This archaic and exploitable system undermines citizens’ right to have their voice heard in government and breeds gridlocked and inefficient government. Citizens must realize that the outdated and unfair first past the post voting system must be replaced with a more proportionally representative system to allow all citizens to have their voices heard equally and protect the fundamental principles of democracy.
In a pure majoritarian system, first past the post specifically, every citizen is given a ballot where they mark one choice, all votes are counted and the candidate with the most votes wins. Its simplicity has been the factor that has allow this system to survive across continents and across centuries. As David Cameron and many other proponents state, “It’s so simple it can be summed up in one sentence” (Cameron np). While the simplicity of FPTP is what has allowed it to survive for the centuries that it has, and while its simplicity makes it easy to understand, many have began to argue that the fundamental principles of democracy should not be sacrificed for simplicity’s sake. FPTP has also been described as a winner takes all system, as the losing candidates, no matter their total vote, are not taken into account. This results in a system where, in many cases…

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