Is The Eric Garner Case? Essay

1005 Words Dec 20th, 2015 null Page
To begin with, the case I decided to write about is the Eric Garner case which I feel strongly about. This incident took place in Staten Island, New York on July 17th 2014. It all started when the police officers approached Mr. Garner about selling untaxed cigarettes and tried making an arrest. Eric Garner then tried to explain to the law enforcement officers that he hasn’t done anything. As the officer tried to make an arrest with resistance from the victim, he then wrapped his arm around the 43 year old’s neck. Remember, there are two officers on the scene. As one officer chokes Eric, the other officer then start pushing his head into the ground. While all of this is going on, Eric Garner kept saying that he can’t breathe. The two officers, Daniel Pantaleo and Justin D’Amico continued to use excessive force and this resulted in the death of 43 year old Eric Garner. In continuation, what are at least two unethical behaviors portrayed in the case? Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person 's or group 's behavior. After watching the video which I put under my references; in my opinion, the police officers showed unethical behaviors by putting Eric in a chokehold and by pushing his head in the ground. These behaviors are unethical, because I am pretty sure they don’t put citizens in a chokehold every day in order to make an arrest like its normal. There are people that resist arrest all the time, so I feel that the officers could have chosen a better and…

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