Is Social Networking A Good Thing? Essay

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Social Networking
“Tweeting”,”uploading”, and “posting” has become popular terminology in the mouths of human beings all around the world. With the help of smartphones, tablets, and the internet, social media sites have been on a rise. But the rise may also raise concerns. Social sites have many pros, but with every pro comes a con. Is social networking helping or hurting today’s society?
Because social networking sites spread information faster than any other media source, everyone seems to be benefitting. According to the article “Is Social Networking a Good Thing?” Fifty percent of people learn about breaking news on social media. By informing the people quicker than any other source, it is allowing social sites to become the top way of receiving information in today’s world. With 28.8% of people collecting information from daily newspapers, 27.8% receive current news from social sites. Even though the number one news source is newspapers, social networks are a close second for Americans. Beating radio at 18.8% and any other type of publication at 6% (Par. 1).
Being able to receive and distribute information fast and easy, has made social network sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Linkedin a part of many peoples daily lives . Knowing that these users are constantly refreshing and updating their feeds, many nonprofit organizations take advantage and use social sites to help raise awareness. The Article “Online Social Networking,” states that each…

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