Is Sex Education The Best Policy? Essay

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An Introduction of the Topic
Sex education has been a controversial topic since the beginning of education. When sexual education began it was geared toward a more Christian basis. With a Christian influence the classes on sexual education were taught that abstinence was the only way to go through life until marriage. I chose this topic to write about because I believe that it is still a topic many parents still have concerns about both for abstinence education and against it. Sexual education is important to the teachers and schools but it is most important for the mass public. Is abstinence education the best policy? Some religious families answer absolutely while the more free range parents say not at all children need to understand it from all sides. There are three categories that sex education is usually divided into. “(1) abstinence-only, which emphasizes abstinence from all sexual behavior outside marriage. (2) abstinence-based, which emphasizes the benefits of abstinence yet includes information about contraception as a disease prevention method. (3) comprehensive, which is age-appropriate, sequenced K-12 sexuality education that includes information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality and sexual health including abstinence and contraception as disease prevention methods”( Barr, Moore, Johnson, Forrest, and Jordan, 2013).
Historical Overview.
Before the world had technology people only knew about what their towns and churches told them. The schools,…

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