Is San Manuel A Christian? Essay

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Is San Manuel a Christian? Being a Christian depends on one’s faith in the Holy Trinity. Though we cannot peer into the mind or heart to see if one is a true believer, Christian faith can be viewed in one’s daily life. Christians are expected to follow the beatitudes, have a personal relationship with God, trust in the Bible, and perform good deeds. Though these actions are not what makes one a Christian, they illustrate that one is in fact a believer in Christ. In Miguel de Unamuno’s San Manuel Bueno, Mártir, San Manuel Bueno portrays the life of a Christian, but is he truly a believer? To adequately assess one’s belief in Christianity, the characteristics of one’s life must be analyzed. Did that person live the way that God intended them to live? Did they lead others to Christ? Did they help the poor and the broken? Christians are told in the beatitudes of the Bible to long for righteousness, show mercy, be genuine, make peace (King James Version, Matthew 5). Though San Manuel showed many of these characteristics, he did not show all of them. San Manuel was not genuine— he lied about his faith. Lying about his faith shows that San Manuel does not have a pure heart. Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 states “blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” (King James Version). San Manuel lacks purity, therefore he lacks a Christian faith. Another sign that San Manuel lacks faith is that he does not have a personal relationship with God. One must “pray without ceasing” and…

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