Essay On Materialism

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Corruption has taken over our daily lives, and one of the most common forms of sin is materialism. This immoral act is overwhelming and can take over the lives of christians and non-christians alike. The quote by Stanley Hauerwas goes over some key points including how we must dispossess ourselves from material items so that our relationship with Christ can grow. Also, in order to be followers of Christ we must be like him and let go of all things that we believe give us and others power and authority. Lastly, we must give up control to God, because he gives our lives meaning. These key points display the ways in which people have turned away from God for more commonly inanimate objects and people. We can still find refuge by turning away …show more content…
For example, if we notice any of these characteristics starting to manifest in our lives then we must act immediately. It is necessary to revert back to our original framework to be disciples of Christ. In this, even though we are not perfect, we can try to be more consumed by Jesus. We need to foster a place for Jesus to abide in us and let his Holy Spirit take command of our life. With the power and glory of the Lord we are then able to change. In order to turn away from sin we must cut a new covenant with the lord that is distinct to our relationship with him. The most powerful way to achieve this is through communion. Not only is this practice sacred and overwhelming, but it is most powerful when you actually understand the significance it has behind it. Taking this oath signifies that you may no longer belong to any other false gods or idols. This shatters the chains that sins like materialism have on you and allow you to run with full force to God. Although sin might have a hold on us we are able to strive for perfection through having the knowledge of an everlasting God that saves and forgive his people. We see materialism as a powerful entity, but it loses all power when we allow God into our lives fully through the cutting of a new covenant. This covenant can be created many ways, but one of the most powerful is communion and the sacred elements it brings

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