Is Religions Cause Conflict Or Not? Essays

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The issue of this essay is to discuss whether religions cause conflict or not. This is a very complex subject, since there can be many point of views, but after my research I can state that they do (not). In the first part of the essay, I will give arguments for/against and in the second one for/against.
Most religions are, or at least they say to be, pacific. Among Christianity’s values we can find forgiveness and generosity, which leads to believe that the religion is very peaceful and only cares about others’ wellbeing. Judaism’s values are more or less the same, the most important ones being charity and honesty. Islam’s most famous values are compassion and obedience. No one would think these three religions, the only monotheist and the strongest ones in the world, would lead to so many problems. These religions have brought more problems than any other, actually. Many wars have been fought in the name of God, but they were all different names.
The past proves that religions do cause conflicts: the Crusades, the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and the consequent Catholic reconquest, the wars between Catholics and Protestants, and so on. It seems like religion wars have always been very present, even nowadays. They still are more present in the world than what we think. Of course, the Western World is well aware of the conflict in Palestine and Israel, of how both Muslims and Jews are claiming a land they consider sacred and think it should be theirs. In…

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