Essay on Is Nascar A Sport?

1850 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
For my term paper I will argue that NASCAR is a sport by defining exactly what a sport is and showing that NASCAR meets those requirements. Initially I will give reasons why this is important and how it ties to the main picture. After defining what a sport is I will also demonstrate how it does take physical exertion and skill to drive a race car which will lead me to conclude that a NASCAR driver is an athlete. Further I will respond to the many criticisms NASCAR has faced regarding its worthiness of being called a sport. Athletes from other sports to awarded sports journalists to common people have stated that NASCAR is not a sport and that NASCAR drivers are not athletes because of the ‘simplicity’ of turning left in a circle for a few hours. I will show that there is actual athleticism in NASCAR and that it is so much more than simply turning left. I am choosing to argue this because I have been a lifelong fan of NASCAR and have been scorned by many friends and colleagues who say that it is not a sport. I will find concrete evidence to back up my claims and find faults in the opposing arguments.
Sports are a very important aspect to American culture and society. Growing up many kids play sports, some play through high school and college and some even go professional. People not only play sports but in America alone, according to a poll done by 60 minutes in January of 2014, there are only 10% of Americans who do not watch sports. (CBSNews) That means that about 90% of…

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