Essay on Is Milk A Health Food?

728 Words Sep 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Most people think of cows as creatures that provide us the most delicious and healthy foods; milk, cheese, and meat. Cows are the most harmless, and mundane animals there are, but are they really that harmless? The hard truth is that cow agriculture is ruining our lives and the planet. Agriculture is one of the leading causes for issues such as; environmental degradation, and nutrient pollution. Even with these issues, the calcium and protein that are provided by these cows are essential for life, or are they? Recently, dairy products have come under speculation as a true health food. In the essay, “Is Milk a Health Food?”, written by a student, Arthur Knopf, he explains the negative characteristics of dairy and the cattle industry on our bodies and the planet. With all of the present problems that come from the agriculture of cows, and with skeptical health benefits of dairy, is it worth it to raise so many cows? In the essay, “Is Milk a Health Food?”, the author, Arthur Knopf, addresses the issue of unhealthy dairy. He explains that milk does not fit his standards of a healthy food through different classifications. Knopf believes that, “if you define ‘health food’ based on science … and if you include in your definition of health food concerns for the planet as well as individual bodies, then milk might not fit the category of health food at all.” He establishes this claim by pointing out the problems with; the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s way of…

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