Is Mercy For Animals? Essay

1078 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
In a sea of websites dedicated to a many of causes, finding one that speaks to someone might be a challenge. Non-profit organisations have to compete with each other, not only for donations, but also attention being spread about their cause. Therefore, having an amazing website is almost imperative to the success of many non-profits. The website must have amazing visuals to capture the audience 's attention, and make them want to stay on the page. The organization and design is important to make sure that information is easily accessible and pleasing to look at. The information must be informative and relevant. Most importantly, helping must be as pain free as possible, ensuring that almost everyone can at least do something. An organization that does all of these things excellently in their website is Mercy for Animals (MFA). MFA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expose animal cruelty in meat production plants, and to improve the quality of life for farm animals. They conduct undercover investigations in many factory farms, then they take the offender to court and fight for legal actions to be taken using the evidence in their investigations. They also educate people about other choices such as eating vegan or doing plenty of research on your meat before you buy it. Finally, they also participate in corporate outreach, in compromising and urging them to put into place policy reforms. Mercy for animals website does a fantastic job of capturing the hearts of…

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