Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? Essay

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A Narrative/Reflective Essay on “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper”
Mark Bittman wrote the article “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper” which was published in the New York Times in Sept. 2011. The author opens by saying that, contrary to public belief, junk food is not cheaper than cooking a healthy meal at home. The author wrote this article in response to the addition of new data showing the rising rates of obesity due to the increase of consumption and availability of junk food. This article can be divided into six sections. In the introduction, the author explains that even with government subsidies, the hyper processed junk food is still more expensive than healthier options. In the second section the author argues that cheaper calories offered by junk food are not essential to the poor. Junk food may offer a higher amount of calories per dollar, but the calories do not equate to those found in whole foods. America doesn’t have a problem with not getting enough calories, but in fact America consumes too many calories.
In the following section he explains that most people can easily afford real food. Saying you can not afford real food is no excuse to eat fast food. There are special programs in place like the ‘Supplemental nutrition assistance program (also known as “Food Stamps”) that help even the poor afford to eat real food. In the fourth section he dismisses the excuse that Americans don’t have time to cook. The average American, regardless of weekly earnings, watched no less…

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