Is It Safe For Space Exploration? Essay examples

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Is it safe to expand space exploration? In the US today there is debate about whether or not space exploration should be continued and further more into space. Though some people believe increasing it is not wise because it 's dangerous, the United States should increase space exploration because we can learn more, make better technology and gain a lot of money.
Some people believe that manned missions of space explorations are far too dangerous and it’s too expensive. “Space contains the most leading deaths out of the 439 people who have flown on space flights, twenty-two have died. With a 5 percent fatality rate, spaceflight is near the top of the list of the most dangerous jobs in the United States (Pawlick, Grant). ” But NASA runs test on suits and space shuttles to see how they can handle in space for astronauts to use. Many people believe that deaths are caused by the suits but don’t realize it’s caused by space shuttle crashes. We as a human race don’t as much as we know in space, the worst can always happen whilst in space. But there are some things that we have figured out in space, mathematically speaking we as a whole on Earth know about ¼ of our solar system. Having man going on a mission into space is just too expensive for the economy worldwide, and would pose no benefits if nothing is discovered or found. The more NASA sends people to go into outer space, the less people come back from outer space. Not only that but to send a person into space costs way…

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