Is It Not Only Target Gun And Gang Problem? Essay

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Crimes have been an issue since the origins of society, regardless of the actions taken by those in power, there will always be law breakers, and we know this because there’s never been a state without a crime. Therefore, if one cannot stop crimes then they must learn to limit crimes. I have been given two scenarios, both of which are unique yet intent to do the same thing. In my opinion, SOIL (subjects of interest list) is the most viable option and will result in more success. Success is measured by low recidivism rates as well as lower crime rates. I believe that SOIL should not only target gun and gang problems, instead target all crimes thus protecting the majority and stopping crimes before they happen. All 140 individuals who were on the list committed crimes, this shows that SOIL is targeting the correct people. Ultimately, using the SOIL method will deter and allow rehabilitation for those on the list.
Being put on SOIL does not necessarily mean guilt. Individuals who are put on the list are there because of a variety of reasons, some of the reasons are as follow, mental health issues, previous crimes committed, direct relationships to individuals who have committed crimes, etc. These individuals are more exposed to guidance from experts and rehabilitation, because of this, Emerson will see lower recidivism rates and ultimately less individuals being jailed.
SOIL promotes prevention rather than crime reaction. Prevention promotes a positive lifestyle and limits the…

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