Is It A Wave Of Peace Or War? Essay

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Is it a Wave of Peace or War? Segregation is the main component that makes the society not standardized. The discrimination differs from one society to another because cultures around the world do not have the same beliefs or traditions. One worthwhile fact occurred in the 1800s is the American Civil War. The American Civil War started in 1860 and ended in 1864, and the war was between the Southern States and the Northern States. In addition, the North could defeat the Southern states because the Northern states were fighting for their emancipation. African Americans were slaves for the people of the south’s plantations since the 17th and 18th centuries. The mercy was unknown at that time because the segregations destroyed the principles of humanity. On the other hand, Sudan Second Civil War started in 1983 and ended in 2005. Eleven years are during the First Civil War and the Second Civil War in Sudan. Sudanese wanted to see their country as the democracy to be able to elect their leaders. The results of the Second Civil War were one million, and eight thousand victims and more than four million people got injured. However, they could sign a peace agreement by the end of the war in January 2005. In contrast, American Civil war in 1864 led to the unification of the Southern and Northern states because of the integration of African American into the North’s army and the acquisition of civil rights. However, the Second Sudanese Civil War in 2005 led to the division…

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