Is Integrity Lies At The Very Heart Of Understanding What Leadership Is

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Every day, every person is faced with choices. Some choices, such as what to have for breakfast, are rather simple. Other choices, however, are much more complex and require extensive thought and decision making processes. As choices become more complex, the influence of one’s personal values, ethics, and integrity become much more visible in the ultimate outcome, or decision. As a person and a leader, it is how these choices are handled that allows us to look ourselves in the mirror and feel good about what we have accomplished. “Integrity lies at the very heart of understanding what leadership is.”
- Business professors Joseph Badaracco and Richard Ellsworth (Johnson 2015) Following is a brief discussion of an value-based decision and analysis of the ethical considerations behind the issue. This paper includes two models assessing the values that were considered during the decision making process. Finally, there is a description of the decision reached and an overview of the rationale behind it. Much of the privatized public transportation industry is based upon fixed rate contracts on a defined term. These contracts are awarded through a competitive procurement process that is initiated by a transit authority, or governing agency, that issues a Request for Proposals (RFP). Firms develop proposals and budgets that are submitted for evaluation by an established selection committee. Ultimately, the authority selects a firm with which they want to do business from the…

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