Is Guido Amsel Innocent Or Is He Allegedly? Essay

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On the first week of July, a few people’s lives would never be the same. First would be Maria Mitousis who opened a bomb the morning of the July 3rd, The bomb exploded when she opened the package and the bomb cause her hand to be seriously injured. Later in the week there was another bomb found that was supposed to be sent to Iris Amsel’s work. Luckily the police were able to intercept the bomb. Another was a bomb that was sent to a law office, but was also intercepted by the police. A few days later Guido Amsel was arrested and accused of these incidents. (2016 MBQB 43) Is Guido Amsel innocent or is he falsely accused? In the beginning of July there was a bombing at a law office in Winnipeg. Maria Mitousis, opened up a package that was sent to her which resulted in a bomb going off. The 38 year old lawyer lost her right hand and was injured on her face, chest, thighs and left hand. Later on it was discovered that there were two other bombs, one at another law firm and another at a business on Washington Street (Caroline Barghout, July 6th) the accused is Guido Amsel, he is being accused on 3 accounts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and explosive charges. The first bomb that exploded was sent to his Maria Mitousis his ex-wife’s lawyer, the second was intended for his past lawyer, and the last was intended for his ex-wife Iris Amsel. Guido and his wife had a long divorce case that resulted in him losing a lot of money. Their son has stated during the divorce trial…

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